What would happen in every person went to their neighborhood gave one meal?

That’s how we want to make someone’s Thanksgiving better. One person knowing one family in need. All it takes is one meal.

Regardless of family situation, illness, or anything that may make their holiday less than ideal, you can deliver a Happy Thanksgiving to someone in need.

We’ve asked the employees in our Taher, Inc. family and our friends in each of our participating communities to deliver meals to those who might be experiencing a rough patch in life.

Our Chefs will make the meals from scratch, and empower you to give to those in need.  What an opportunity! To help provide a family in need with a Chef Cooked, Made-from-Scratch Thanksgiving Dinner for a family of four, plus leftovers!

You get to deliver the meal to the family you nominate and bring a Happy Thanksgiving for those you think deserve it most.



Whether illness, job loss, or other circumstances have made someone’s Thanksgiving less than ideal, we prepare a full meal and you deliver it it to those in need.


Take Action

Taher is committed to empowering our communities, our employees and the families we feed in our school and organizational sites, to solve the hunger crises not only in America, but also around the world. Let’s start this Thanksgiving by paying it forward in our communities.

What we use to build the kits

  • 16,000 pounds of turkey

  • 6,600 pounds of potatoes

  • 2400 pounds of green bean casserole

  • 584 pounds of cranberries

  • 800 pumpkin pies

And Most Importantly….

YOU! Your hard work and volunteer time putting the kits together. This massive effort doesn’t work without members of the community giving up their valuable time to help deliver meals or put kits together. Interested in volunteering? Please send an email to payitforwardthanksgiving@taher.com and ask where you can help.